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First grade math improves children’s understanding of arithmetic, number values, linear measurements, and shape composition. With its appealing games that combine math practice with play, Math Games makes achieving these learning goals fun and enjoyable!

In this grade, students identify patterns, use abstract reasoning, and develop efficient strategies for problem-solving. They also acquire knowledge essential to many real-world situations, such as telling the time or measuring objects and distances. Math Games enables them to hone these skills recommended by the Common Core at the same time as they collect gold, defeat aliens or eat their way up the ocean food chain in our wide selection of games! As they play, users can practice:

  • Adding and subtracting up to 20
  • Recognizing key features and parts of various shapes
  • Putting shapes together to make other shapes
  • Using and building models
  • Understanding time

And much more! Have a go at one of our free online games and see how enjoyable and easy it is to review important math knowledge. You can also download printable worksheets or one of our free game apps!